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Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Seminar

12 October 2017

On October 25th, The Netherlands Consulate General will organize a seminar on Artificial Intelligence and Big Data together with Organon Analytics and Dutch Business Association Turkey.

The AI and Big Data seminar aims to demystify how the AI and Big Data actually work in simple terms, and with examples. After that, it will touch upon a set of applications produced by the AI/Big Data revolution we are currently passing through, and what products/applications await us at the end. Last but not least, the seminar will conclude with the potential societal impacts, and the philosophical implications of the arrival of (True) Artificial Intelligence. 

Organon Analytics was founded in 2011 with the vision of automating the creation of AI so that every business, and every individual can benefit from it. Organon Analytics is excelled in data automation and making sense of big data that come with big variety in all sectors and industries (please see the link for more info).

Dutch Business Association is a non-profit organisation that offers Dutch companies and professionals the opportunity to network and share knowledge and experiences. 

You may approach the Commercial and Economic Department of the Netherlands Consulate General in Istanbul for further information about the seminar via ist-ha@minbuza.nl