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A great online Business-to-Business networking tool that came to life as an initiative of the Dutch Economic Network in 2010!

Netherlands Turkey Trade Directory will give you access to almost 250 companies which are actively trading between Turkey and the Netherlands.The directory consists of Turkish companies that have close business ties with the Netherlands, Dutch companies based in the Netherlands that have commercial activities with Turkey and Dutch companies established in Turkey.

Netherlands Turkey Trade Directory entails detailed member profiles which include a wide range of information such as executive names, contact numbers, addresses, sectoral involvement, company types and number of employees.

Registration terms & conditions

  • Turkish companies that apply for membership should have a concrete business link with the Netherlands.
  • Profiles created by new members and adjustments made on existing profiles are subject to approval since only authorized profiles will be admitted to the directory.
  • All information submitted by the members remains their own legal responsibility.

Enlist your company and enjoy the benefits of this free service that will improve your business network. If you have questions about the directory or experience any problems while registering, please do not hesitate to contact the Commercial and Economic Department of the Consulate General in Istanbul

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