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This website is an initiative of the Economic Diplomatic Network of the Netherlands in Turkey.

The Economic Diplomatic Network of the Netherlands in Turkey consists of the Dutch Embassy in Ankara, the Consulate General in Istanbul, the Netherlands Business Support Office (NSBO) in Izmir, Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency, the innovation advisor, the agricultural attache and four honorary consulates.

HollandTurkeyTrade.com offers practical information on the Turkish market including business opportunities, sector news, business delegations, matchmaking and a data base.

Embassy – Ankara and Consulate – Istanbul

The head of the Economic & Commercial Department of the Embassy in Ankara is responsible for the whole of Turkey and keeps track of the Turkish macro-economics and trade policy issues and maintains contacts with Turkish government authorities, the European Commission and international organizations.

The commercial departments of the Embassy and the Consulate General can answer your questions on specific sectors.

Bureau of the Agricultural attache

All queries pertaining to food processing, flowers, agriculture, greenhouses, fisheries, livestock, dairy products and animal husbandry are dealt by the Agricultural Department of our Embassy in Ankara.

The Embassy in Ankara is responsible for the whole of Turkey, while the Consulate General in Istanbul focuses on the Western provinces.

The Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA) – Istanbul

NFIA is a division of the Dutch  Ministry of Economic Affairs. The NFIA assists foreign companies in establishing, expanding or re-organizing their pan-European operations through The Netherlands.

The Netherlands Network for Innovation, Technology & Science (NL-NITS) – Istanbul

NL-NITS supports the long term strengthening of Dutch competitiveness by focusing on cooperation in technology and knowledge, identifying opportunities for cooperation in research & development (R&D) and supporting shared innovation projects.

NL-NITS works for individual clients as well as clusters: companies, knowledge institutions, universities and governments, and often in public-private partnerships.

The Netherlands Business Support Office (NBSO) – Izmir

Want to learn about the trade and investment opportunities in the Izmir region? NBSO in Izmir with their excellent network and knowledge of the region is ready to assist you.

The Honory Consuls

The honorary consuls in Antalya, Marmaris, Gaziantep and Izmir can, in cooperation with the Embassy, provide you sector specific information of their region and assist you in getting local contacts; they can also assist you in local problem solving.

If you have specific questions and prefer more in depth knowledge, you are more than welcome to visit our office by simply making an appointment with one of our team members. For one-on-one meetings, contact Our Team now!