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İSKİ, Yenikapı Biological Waste Water Treatment Plant


Istanbul Water and Sewerage (İSKİ) General Directorate made a tender announcement (2016/329511) in the Public Procurement Bulletin dated August 22, 2016 with the bargaining method according to Article 21 of Public Procurement Law #4734 for the construction, mechanical and electrical works of the biological (preliminary treatment units, biological treatment units, slime units etc.) of waste water treatment plant within the scope of Yenikapı Biological Waste Water Treatment Plant.

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June 2016

The agriculture sector played a locomotive role in 2015 in Turkey’s economic growth, with an growth rate of around 6,5%. Although, the official statistics are not yet announced for 2016, it is expected that the growth rate in agriculture sector also continued during the first half of 2016 (with an average of around 4-4.5%).

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The yearly turnover of personal care and cosmetics sector in Turkey was estimated around $3.1 bn in 2015. Many international companies including Unilever, P&G, Nivea, L’oreal, Shiseido, Wella, etc. have own marketing and sales operations and many of them produce directly in Turkey or work with licensed local manufacturers.

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Istanbul Railway Systems


The railway system network is expected to reach to 981 km length in 2023 and this will be meeting %72.7 of the needed public transportation in Istanbul.

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Traffic Road Safety In Turkey

Road safety is a big challenge for Turkey, as a country that has the ambition to become one of the top-10 economies in the world by 2023.

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Port Development in Turkey

This is a follow-up on the report “Port Development in Turkey” of October 2015 and focuses on opportunities as of 2016.

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Energy Efficiency in Turkish Building Industry


Turkey has begun to see the benefits of green buildings, with the impact on the current account deficit of growing energy imports as a prime driver for the initiative.

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Ankara’s upcoming railway projects

EGO, the institution under the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, EGO intends to increase its rail public transport investments - light rail, heavy rail, monorail, cable cars, funicular (to be).

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Water Policy and opportunities in Turkey

Demand for water by the households, by the industry and by agriculture irrigation needs to be analysed and sector allocation of water at each river basin needs to be done correctly.

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Ankara Theme Park

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality (AMM) is looking for an operator for its Mega Theme Park- ANKAPARK.

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Automotive Testing Center (ATC)

The ATC will be built on 260 hectares of land, next to a technopark complex yet to be established, focusing on automotive and aerospace/space technologies.

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Izmir Alsancak Port's privatisation in 2016

The privatisation tender for Alsancak Port in Izmir will be held in the first half of 2016.It will be privatised as cruise and cargo ports separately by the method of “transfer of operational rights”. Zoning plan studies of Izmir Cruise Port and Izmir Container Port are completed and published in the Official Gazette of 14 November 2015. According to the new development plan, the construction area is decreased by 50.000 square meters to 125-130 thousand square meters. Two new finger piers are added to the cruise port. Instead of a big shopping centre, small-scale shops and hotels are included in the project to meet the needs of tourists. NL companies interested in port development sector are recommended to follow the news.

Turkish Subcontracting & Partnership Exchange

Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ITO) has been running Turkish Subcontracting & Partnership Exchange (TSPX), a matchmaking and information facilitation platform for Turkish manufacturers and overseas purchasers, offers the following services free of charge to international firms.

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Digital Gaming Market in Turkey


Turkey can be an interesting location for the Dutch gaming industry in terms of both sales and development purposes.

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Istanbul International Finance Center Project


Turkish government is planning to build a landmark International Financial Center in Istanbul (Asian Side in Atasehir), which will consolidate the offices of the country's financial market governing bodies, as well as state- and privately-owned banks.

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Medical Tourism


Turkey aspires to become a world player in the field of medical tourism. The number of tourists visiting Turkey for medical reasons rose from 109,000 in 2010 to almost 600.000 in 2014.

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Despite economic slowdown, the E-commerce business is growing steadily overall. By 2017 the online retail will grow with more than 100% in less than a decade’s time.

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